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MessageSujet: Rules in English   Mar 8 Juil - 21:00:12

Dear player,

Here are the stages that you will must to follow if want to come in our team of winner ^^ :

  • 1. You start to read correctly this reglement in order to be sure to your decision to postulate, else in contrary case you will do to lost time to everyone.

  • 2. You post a message on our forum in the adapted section. From there, a admin will contact you in order to make fuller knowledge. (it is thus necessary to leave coordinated or your login Smile )

  • 3. Then you will undergo one week of intensive test so that we be sure of your level and your motivation.

  • 4. The last stage relates to only the TEAM, which will have to make a decision in connection with your admission.

Selection criteria :

To have good times on dirt server attended by the TEAM (Xeres, KO86 Supercross, er Dirt and dirtModlap mainly) would be more to make us a first good impression but knows that you will not be evaluated really on that, all will depend on that you will give during the week of test (I speak about money ! no I laught ^^).
Our criteria are very simple, we seek players knowing to show a good control, technicality but what is paramount above all, it is the regularity (one does not want to see players a blow top1 then the blow according to signal Nul ^^, I thus advise you to involve you in Modlap what could be only positive).
Another thing of very important, the players wishing to enter the team (dirt section) will have to guarantee the fact of being able to regularly play (2 evenings per weeks seems a minimum, to prevent in the event of absence occasional ex: vacancy, not Internet…). One does not want players whose only motivation is to be able to enter in good team and then which is let go, no we want to see motivated players playing for gains and fun.


To have VoDR attitude!!! i.e. humour, derision, second degree, gift of oneself, to think before to team then with oneself, to transfer 75% of its incomes with the TEAM, etc… In short, one will wait you to take part in the forum and the Skype discussion and/or TS and/or MSN. You are to oblige to have one of these means of communication.

During the period of test, you will have a tag red VoDR “$f00νσδЯ `$xxxPseudo”.
To have right to carry famous the universally known pink “Я”, the ultimate test will have to be passed: the vote!

The vote :

After this hard week of dry test to dribble to our only pleasure and to support our jokes which do to laughter only us, Vodeurs will come to a conclusion about your case…
The admins in charge of the dirt section will start by deliberating on your case. If they think that you are ready to join the team they will subject this idea through a vote, in this manner all the team will give her opinion.
You will be able to follow the evolution of the results according to VoDR which will have voted for (a little like StarAc, it is cool ^^). (This is completely false for the moment ^^ the votes are visible only by VoDR…)
The votes will be public but the deliberations will be published only in the part private of our forum in order not to shock the significant hearts…

Good luck!!!
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Rules in English
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