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 Total Risk Cup - Invitation

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MessageSujet: Total Risk Cup - Invitation   Sam 24 Mar - 22:32:15

Hello VODR !!

ATR Team proudly invites you to our new competition...

TRC Video:

Here's a little summary:

HOW? >>> Total Risk Cup (TRC) is a Mixed-Mode DIRT Competition:

- International competition, therefore the official language is ENGLISH. French translations will always be available though;
- 3 Stages: Qualifications in TA mode, Group Stage and Playoffs Stage;
- 4 maps in Qualifications, with 4 best times counting for each team - 25 brand new maps for the whole competition;
- Matches in 1v1, 2v2 and 4v4 at same week, with 7 winning-rounds - points counting system;
- Any kind of cheating/cuts punished by exclusion of the entire team;
- Mixed teams / mercenary line-ups are not allowed, with only one exception. We have special rules for registrations.
- Rewards of 500.000 Coppers + individual prizes for top qualifiers + prizes for Mappers (total more than 600k!)

WHEN? >>> Qualifications start in May 17th
(UDT will be in Finals already and League Dirt season ends in June. TRC is planned to end only in middle July).

WHERE? >>> ATR Team will provide several servers for Qualifications and Playoff Stages.

MAPS? >>> I'll come back in a couple of weeks to post the requirements for maps. Mappers will get nice rewards ^^!

Registrations will begin in April 15th, until May 15th.

To read the complete Rules and other informations, visit our website:

Rules Réglement

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MessageSujet: Re: Total Risk Cup - Invitation   Dim 1 Avr - 23:19:13

Hello Mappers, I'm here to present the TRC map rules & other informations:


- Maps need to be totally new, unpublished
- Duration between 45s. and 1:15s.
- Respawns must work properly from any checkpoints
- Do not use "rings" as a checkpoint, only if strictly necessary to avoid a cut
- Do not use Mods
- Do not use custom signs. Use only the Official TM signs and be careful to clearly indicate jumps, landings or blind turns
- Do not hesitate to use a lot of signs and checkpoints ir order to avoid cuts
- Blockmixing is allowed, but DO NOT abuse. Use only to prevent bugs/cuts if strictly necessary
- Avoid unnecessary scenery. We need good and beautiful maps, but also light ones!
- Coppers Limit per map: 3000
- Make only daylight maps: Sunrise and Daylight (Sunset and Night maps are forbidden)
- Do not use excessive road & tech blocks. TRC is a DIRT Competition, therefore we won't accept big or tricky road sections
- Make sure drifting sections (if it's necessary to have them) are not too hard. As said before, TRC is a Competition made for DIRT drivers
- Mediatracker (GPS, Intro, etc.) is allowed

Remember: we are looking for maps that are FUN to play. A map must be as natural as possible, fluent, mostly with DIRT blocks and good looking!

Other Info:

- There is no limit of maps per author, you can send them as much as you want
- As we are looking for excellence in maps, TRC Admins decided to give 2.000 Coppers for each chosen map
- The rewards will be given in the end of the Competition, along with all the other rewards
- TRC will need 21 maps for Rounds mode and 4 for Time Attack mode. Remember to indicate if a map is specifically made for TA mode
- All maps will be carefully tested by TRC Staff to see if they fulfill the requirements posted above and then ranked
- The full list with the chosen maps will be published before the competition starts

Maps must be sent to:

Deadline: 10/05/2012

Thank you!
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Total Risk Cup - Invitation
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